Yvonne Ireland works across painting and printmaking, drawing on the ‘experiential’ to create immersive, abstract compositions.

Though the works are seemingly devoid of figuration, they reference real-life experiences and memories, recounting and communicating, through paint, the myriad of emotions, moods and energies associated with these experiences. For the viewer, however, the works have no defined narrative, and can be contextualised in relation to the experience of the individual–granting both artist and viewer the freedom to build their own vignettes. Ireland’s paintings simultaneously offer an insight into the artist’s psyche whilst inviting the viewer to explore their own senses and emotions.

Visually, the works comprise multiple shapes, forms and brushstrokes– segmented blocks of colour which, in places, begin to overlap and converge. As in life, some areas intersect and connect, others are distant and disparate. In placing and curating these forms on canvas, the artist becomes a curator of emotions, and the paintings a metaphor for the lived experience.

The artist says the ‘physicality of paint is central to communicating the experiential – it’s very much a sensory medium’. Ireland manipulates the paint to form juxtapositions, in texture, in colour, and in opacity; smooth and rough, transparent and opaque, pastille and neon sit adjacent to one another – as in life, there is a tension between the elements, but ultimately it is a question of balance.